Footgolf Classics

So your club/charity have tried a Golf Classic and raised much needed funds. Have you thought of the amount of people who don’t play golf and take no part in your fundraiser???

Why not host a Footgolf Classic and involve EVERYONE in raising funds for your club. Gents, Ladies, Children and even the older generation can all take part in a Footgolf Classic event and more importantly – have fun…

Advantages of a Footgolf Classic:

  • Everyone can get involved
  • More people will attend
  • More monies can be raised for your club

Footgolf Cork will provide you with all the information and assistance you need to run a successful Footgolf Classic. We will provide you with a full package that includes tee time charts, sponsorship charts and even arrange the prizes for each category. We ensure that your club gets the maximum return from your Footgolf Classic.

How does it work:

It is exactly the same structure as a Golf Classic whereby we give you the course for a period of time to allow you get everyone out on the course. You have the potential to enter up to 80 teams (240 people) as there are more tee times available than your Golf Classic.
We will advise on the fee structure of the day and what monies you can expect to raise from your Footgolf Classic.
As we have full catering facilities in our clubhouse, these can also be provided for the day.
Contact us for more information.

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What Foot Golf Players Say

I really can’t think of anything better than representing Ireland in a sport that is growing so quickly. When this sport takes off, and believe me it will, I’ll be glad to say that I played on the first Irish national team.

Mick Young Irish International December 7, 2016